During his famous journey to Italy, a strong and sudden wind on Lake Garda forces Johann Wolfgang Goethe on 13 September 1786 to spend some time in Malcesine. He is fascinated by the Scaliger Castel and looks out for a quiet place in order to draw the castle. Some inhabitants believe him an Austrian spy and the poet is almost arrested. In Goethe's Italian Journey you can read this anecdote, which has contributed to the village's fame. Today Malcesine is one of the major tourist attractions of Lake Garda. Since 1983 some rooms of the castle have been dedicated to the village's first important visitor.

Sailing, Windsurf, Kitesurf and much more!


One of the bigger attractions of Malcesine is to offer the possibility to practice many different sports in any season.
Sailing, Windsurf & Kitesurf, Diving: The "Peler" from the North in the morning and the "Ora" from the south in the afternoon ensure ideal conditions for thrilling surfing.
Paragliding, Bike, Trekking: From Malcesine to the summit of Monte Baldo there are many different trails with different kind of difficulty levels as well as duration.
Ski & Snowboard: In winter the cabin lift lets you reach the vast variety of ski grounds of Monte Baldo... All this on a wonderful landscape!

Natural parks and Amusement Parks


Natural parks: You can find manz natural parks surrounding Lake Garda: the "Giardino Botanico" on Mount Baldo at 1232 m., "Parco Giardino Sigurtà" in Valeggio sul Mincio, "Baia delle Sirene" in Garda.

Amusement Parks: On Lake Garda everybody can find something to suit their tastes: Gardaland , Parco Faunistico & Safari Park Natura Viva, Jungle Adventures Park, Movie Studios & Aqua Paradise Park Canevaworld.

Malcesine on the north-eastern shore is the most popular resort on the Lake Garda.


Malcesine on the north-eastern shore is the most popular resort on the Lake Garda. The beautiful town with its narrow lanes, the typical harbour, as well as the pretty walkway along the lake invite visitors to have a stroll. The Scaliger Castle, mentioned by Goethe in his "Travels in Italy" in 1786, stands in solitary splendour on higher ground and offers a great view of the lake.

Art in Malcesine


Something that one should not forget to visit is also "Palazzo dei Capitani", a beautiful building of the sixteen century with a garden that faces the lake. An even more superb view of the Lake and its surroundings are offered from Monte Baldo. A completely restored cable-car ascends the mountain. The station at the top end is 1800m above the Lake and an ideal starting point for hikes or mountainbike tours.

Typical Product

Oil: The slow maturation of the olives permits the production of an oil of superior quality, rich in vitamin, which has an unmistakeable taste and an extremely reduced level of acidity.
Fish: Delicious large carp, a species unique to Lake Garda, pike in sauce, fried bleaks, grilled lavaret or marinated fillet of perch ... these are just a few of the dishes to try.
Wine: Due to its mild climate Lake Garda is ideal for the wine production.
Olive grappa Olivetto... and also the salted meats, the cheese, the honey and the truffle from Monte Baldo.